Digital Journal of your Social Life Events

SociaLog is the application which everyone needs to automatically have their diary of daily events gathered which can be easily accessed later.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Photos
  • Calendar
  • Videos

SociaLog is free to download, sign up with your Email and you are good to go.


The Ultimate diary app

SociaLog is free to download, sign up with your email and you are good to go.

Natural Design

Simple yet elegant design that will make viewing and adding events easy and fun.

Safe and Secure

Automatically fetches, and securely stores your daily activities with PIN Code to enforce privacy.

Consolidated Platform

Consolidates information from your social platforms and allows user to add personal events and media.

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Your social networking activities

Your posts at Facebook , Twitter & Instagram show a brief of your day.
get them all automatically synced chronologically into your socialog !

Extra Cool Featuresfacebook


Your iPhone calendar contains important meetings and events of memorable occasions. Your SociaLog automatically gets them for you!

Extra Cool Featurestwitter


Get all your beautiful Instagram pictures automatically shown in your unified SociaLog along with your other social network posts!

Extra Cool Featuresinstagram


Your daily captured photos reflect sweet moments. Find them all on timeline shown on your SociaLog!

Extra Cool Featuresphoto1


Captured videos with your iPhone/iPad can't be missed. View them in your SociaLog along with all captured photos!

Extra Cool Featuresgallery


Your iPhone calendar contains important meetings and events of memorable occasions. Your SociaLog automatically gets them for you!

Extra Cool Featurescaleder

Diary app which you will love

SocaiLog is designed in such a way that makes it easy for users to see and experience the logged event and relive their memories.



  • $0.99
  • Weather Information
  • This nifty feature will enable you to add weather information to your posts and events so that you can keep a track of weather conditions during an important event or holiday which you can always refer back with the app.
  • $2.99
  • Trip Recorder
  • Want to keep a track of itinerary of your trip as you travel? This feature helps you record your travel path and keeps a tab of all the photos and videos you clicked along the way so you can always go back and relive the memories.
  • $0.99
  • Calendar Print
  • Calendar Print feature will allow you to view photo thumbnails on calendar and print the photos on a calendar view via Air Print so you know which photo was clicked on which date at a glance, and also print it with ease.
  • $0.99
  • Customized Theme
  • Did you enjoy the several built-in cool themes? Well, you can go for an even more personalized ``look and feel``, customize fore and back colors, and choose your preferred background image from your device's PhotoStream!
  • $3.99
  • Unlock all
  • This bundle for just $3.99 unlocks all the four features namely Trip Recorder to record travel itinerary, Weather information to add weather conditions to posts, Calendar print to print all photos in a calendar format and Customized Theme. So download & enjoy.

Some Cool Facts about Socialog

It is easy to use and available for all the devices with an innovative design.


Innovative Features

SociaLog with its innovative features makes capturing life moments from everyday thoughts to travel logs a great experience. Below are few features that we think you will love.

  • Consolidated data from various social media
  • Photo and Video Entry
  • Ad Free

Supports for all iOS Devices

The UI of the app is designed to support iOS devices across all device families.

  • Supports all iPhones
  • Supports all iPads

Premium Features

Apart from the amazing list of features on offer there are few extra features that can be bought as an add on to make the app more exciting.

  • Trip recorder feature
  • Calendar Print Feature
  • Weather Information

Cool App Screenshot

Taken on iPhone 6S Gold

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